Moon, Mercury and Regulus Conjunction Tonight

See if you will be able to spot the young crescent moon in conjunction with the planet Mercury and the star Regulus tonight, July 25, 2017, right after sunset. See if you can capture the Earthshine off the dark area of the moon. 

I look forward to seeing your images!


Pier Top Mounting for Observatory

My pier top mounting is ready for the next concrete pour. The anchor bolts will be set into the concrete pier up to the first level of plywood. The 1-inch spacer between the plywood sheets will make sure I have enough room to access the bolts for leveling the pier top. After setting, the top plywood sheet will be replaced with the CGEM Pier Adapter shown to the right (purchased from Starizona). On top of the pier adapter will rest the equatorial mount, scope, guiding scope, counterweights, and on, and on…

This all happens after the observatory is delivered in another 4 weeks or so.

Total cost on the pier will be about $325 ($270 for the CGEM Adapter).

You can follow the observatory construction on this page, or view the blog from the Dark Side Observatory that will capture events and happenings with the observatory.


A View of Clavius Crater

Clavius is a large crater found on the southern side of the moon, it measures approximately 136 miles across. The crater was named after Christoph Klau (or Christophorus Clavius) a 16th century German mathematician and astronomer.

Tech Specs: Meade 12” LX90, Celestron CGEM-DX mount, ASI290MC, best 2.5k of 5k frames, AutoStakkert! V3.0.14 (x64), FireCapture v2.5.10 x64 and Registax v6. Photographed on July 4, 2017 from Weatherly, Pennsylvania.


Venus, Moon, Hyades and Pleiades in the Morning

Here is another view of the morning conjunction of Venus and the crescent moon from July 20, 2017, this view includes a wider angle shot showing the Hyades and Pleiades clusters in the constellation Taurus.

Tech Specs: Canon 6D, Canon EF70-200mm f/2.8L USM lens, tripod mounted, 8 seconds, 70mm, ISO 3200. Location: Weatherly, Pennsylvania. Date: July 20, 2017.


Venus and Moon Morning Conjunction – July 20, 2017

This morning has a special visual treat, a conjunction of the planet Venus, a thin crescent moon and the star Aldebaran (upper right corner).  This scene was captured at 4:00 am local time, light eastern clouds added to the scene. Look farther above this celestial event for the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades Cluster, looking down above them.

Tech Specs: Canon 6D, Canon EF70-200mm f/2.8L USM lens, tripod mounted, 3.2 seconds, 200mm, ISO 3200. Location: Weatherly, Pennsylvania. Date: July 20, 2017.


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