The Big Dipper Over the Dark Side Observatory

Here is a view of the Big Dipper asterism over the Dark Side Observatory (my observatory in waiting), photographed on the evening of August 13, 2017. The bright star on the left is Arcturus in the constellation Bootes.

Tech Specs: Canon 6D, Samyang 14mm lens, tripod mounted, ISO 3200, 10 seconds at f/2.8. Location: Weatherly, Pennsylvania.


Moon, Aldebaran, Capella and Venus – August 16, 2017

I captured this foggy view this morning, August 16, 2017, while driving through Hickory Run State Park here in Pennsylvania. Venus is low on the horizon, Aldebaran just to the upper right of the moon and Capella in the upper left.

Tech Specs: Canon 6D, Canon EF17-40mm f/4L USM, tripod, ISO 800, 1 second exposure at f/4 and 17mm.


Perseid Meteor – Carbon County, PA

I only managed to snag a few Perseid meteors this year from my backyard in Weatherly, Pennsylvania. You can see one in this image in the upper left corner.

TECH SPECS: Canon 6D, Samyang 14mm Lens, ISO 3200, 20 seconds, tripod mounted.


Brocchi’s Cluster a Redux of 2014 Collected Data

I decided to pull out some data from way back in 2014, in this case, Brocchi’s Cluster. I wanted to apply some of what I learned over the years in processing techniques. This is only six minutes of data (6 x 60 seconds) using a Canon 6D, 400mm f/5.6 lens and my trusty iOptron ZEQ mount. This cluster is also known as the Coat Hanger asterism, as you can see why. You can also see the small open cluster to the right known as NGC 6802.

The top two stars are M and K class stars and have a noticeable orangish color to them.

Picture saved with settings embedded.


Southern Milky Way, Seneca Rocks, West Virginia

Here is a widefield view of the southern Milky Way early in the morning of July 30, 2017 over Seneca Rocks, WV. A Petzl headlamp was used to light paint the trees during the exposure.

Tech Specs: Canon 6D, Canon EF17-40mm f/4L USM lens, tripod mounted, 25 seconds, 17mm, ISO 3200, f/4. Location: Seneca Rocks, West Virginia. Date: July 30, 2017 (12:12 AM local time).


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