Zeta Lyrae – Double Star

I found myself wandering around with the telescope in a double star mood, it has been a long time since I viewed many of these and the first time imaging them. This is the binary system Zeta Lyrae, also referred to as Zeta 1 Lyrae and Zeta 2 Lyrae. The distance to this system is roughly 150 light years and their magnitudes are 4.3 and 5.7 respectively.

Tech Specs: Meade 12” LX90, Celestron CGEM-DX mount, Canon 6D stock camera, ISO 3200, 10 second single exposure using Backyard EOS, no darks or bias frames. Image Date: September 4, 2017. Location: The Dark Side Observatory in Weatherly, PA.

Additional information:

Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeta1_Lyrae)


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