ARP 37 (Messier 77) in the Constellation Cetus

Messier 77, also known as ARP 37 (#37 in Arp’s Catalog Of Peculiar Galaxies and NGC 1068 in the New General Catalogue) is a barred spiral galaxy about 47 million light-years away in the constellation Cetus. M77 is the first galaxy in the Arp catalog listed as a low surface brightness galaxy with companions on the arms.

ARP 37 (Messier 77) in the Constellation Cetus

The second image has been over processed in an attempt to bring out additional details in the arms of the galaxy – you can see some of the bright condensation areas around the core.

ARP 37 (Messier 77) in the Constellation Cetus

Tech Specs: Meade 12” LX90, Celestron CGEM-DX mount, Canon 6D stock camera, ISO 3200, 88 x 60 seconds using Backyard EOS with darks and bias frames, guided using a Canon 100mm lens with an attached ZWO ASI290MC camera. Image Date: November 20+21, 2017. Location: The Dark Side Observatory in Weatherly, PA.

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